Update 2023.009 is now available

Fix for Distribution Stox

An error message could occur while navigating on the website.

This update fixes this issue.


Some translations from french to english were corrected.

Self-financing window

The licenses' fees shown were still the ones from last year.

This update takes the 2023 changes into consideration.

Production date of your purchase order

While producing your purchase invoices with the "GO" button, the invoice's date was today's date by default.

Fron now on, the date will be the one that you inserted in the field to this purpose in your purchase order.

Fixes for WorldPac SpeedDial

We have made some changes to allow access to the migrated Worldpac's server.

Fix for AB Magique Basket

For security reasons, the "Password" field now hides all the characters inserted at the screen.

N.B. : It is impossible for our team to recover or verify your password in the case you forgot it.

Customer and supplier window

While creating a customer or supplier, if there was a phone number copied in your computer's clipboard, it was automatically copied in the corresponding field.

We have modified the software to avoid doing this automatically.

SMS module

The SMS module now allows you to add an additional memo at the end of your SMS to indicate to not answer to the message. If you want to add this memo, you only have to check the corresponding box in your Textbelt account configuration window.

If you account is already active, you will have to contact our technical support so we can manually activate this option.

N.B. : The SMS module is one-way. It does not allow your customers to reply to your message.