Info - GMail/GSuite email

As of June 1st 2022, Google introduced additional security measures on their email services. These new measures may affect your connection to your email to send estimates, account statements and invoices.

Though, Google is offering an exception allowing you to continue using their emails with softwares using simple SMTP authentication such as AB Magique. To do so, please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect to your GMail address on their website (

  2. Once connected, click on your picture icon in the top right corner of your browser and select « Manage your Google account ».

  3. To the left, select the « Security » option and then in the « Signing in to Google » section, activate the « 2-step verification » option.

  4. Insert your password when prompted and the cellphone number of the email account responsible. Insert the rest of the information as requested and finally activate the option at the end.

  5. Back at the security menu, a new « App password » option will appear. Activate it.

  6. Insert your password if requested and you will be asked to select an app. Select « Other (Customer name) » and give it the name « AB Magique » (or any other name you would like).

    A 16 characters password will be generated. Please note it somewhere as this password cannot be recovered in any way.

  7. Go back to your AB Magique software and in the « Parameters » tab, select the « Emails box setup » option.

    In the password fields, insert the 16 characters password generated earlier then save your parameters.

You will have to repeat these instructions for every different GMail address you use in AB Magique, along with the GMail address you might be using for the VIN Barcode Scanner functionnality.