Information regarding data backup

Dear customers,

The computer industry is in constant evolution! With this evolution also comes its share of viruses and bugs that can make it impossible to use your softwares or computers.

To overcome these unfortunate events, we strongly suggest that you make backups of your data, including those of your InfoCat Plus or AB Magique software. Depending on the situation, it is possible that recovery from a backup is the only solution to restore your program and/or data loss.

The VL Communications' team would like to inform you of suggestions and good practices to avoid unfortunate situations:

  • Do more than one backup and on different backup devices. Thus, if a backup were to be faulty for any reason, you might have a second copy to attempt recovery.

  • Never hesitate to contact our technical support or your own IT technician about how to do a backup. Our technical support is free of charge and we will be happy to help and inform you about your backups or any other aspect of our software.

  • Several companies offer online backup services. Do not hesitate to inquire about this type of service with them, in addition to making backup copies manually on your storage devices.

  • Take your time when you do your backup. For example, you can easily “CUT” a file rather than “COPY” it, which moves your files instead of making a copy. These two options can be confusing, being very close to each other.

Finally, take note that despite all these precautions, it is impossible for our support to guarantee the integrity of your data during recovery from a backup. VL Communications disclaims all liability for this probability.

Thank you,

The VL Communications' team