Update 2024.003 is now available

N.B. : This patch note contains info of the 2024.002 update that was not previously published on the site and info from the 2024.003 update.


  • Translation and spelling mistakes:
    Some spelling mistakes and translation issues were fixed.

  • Deletion of a deposit:
    While deleting a deposit in the bank reconciliation, all surplus/deficit entries associated to the deposit will be deleted as well.

  • AB Magique basket:
    We have fixed an issue where some parts with environmental fees could be considered as tires and vice-versa.

  • Inventory and price list:
    We have fixed an issue where the software could crash if you tried to delete the last price list in the table at the screen.

  • Estimate - Order via Nexpart:
    We have fixed an issue where the wrong suppliers could show up when ordering parts from Nexpart.


  • History & Statistics button:
    The "History & Statistics button should now be available in every tab in the "Inventory & Price list" window.

  • Default printer:
    If no printer was selected in the corresponding field in a window, it was possible that your document printed on the wrong printer. We have modified the entire software to make sure that it uses the default printer of your computer in such a case.

  • AB Magique basket:
    When using the AB Magique basket, the software will now keep in memory the last supplier you used, accelerating the part transferring process.

  • Estimates and invoices:
    The icons used to represent customers and vehicles' information were modified to be less pixelated but also to procure a more professionnal look on your customers' documents.

  • Estimate -> Appointment creation:
    From now on, Remarks and appointment's reasons will be visible on the estimate when creating an appointment from the estimate's window.

  • Purchase order - Purchase order's memo:
    The memo associated to the purchase order will now be inserted at the very end of the purchase invoice. This way, you will nbe able to see notes such as order confirmation number, customer and vehicle associated to said order or other info you could have written for your needs.

  • AB Magique tutorial via our website:
    The option to access the AB Magique tutorial will now open your main browser instead of opening it inside AB Magique, which was blocking you from working at the same time as listening to the tutorial.

  • Nexpart integration:
    We have modified the integration so you could order directly from the purchase order by using Nexpart's "Stock check" functionality.

    Please note that it will be your responsibility to make sure that the good branchs are selected for every part before transferring them to the cart and then order them.

  • Changes to the translation:
    We have changed the word "recalls" to "reminders" everywhere in the software to avoid misunderstanding between a service reminder and vehicle recall which is not a service directly provided by our software.

New features

  • Customer creation - Phone number:
    While creating a customer, when inserting the phone number, the software will now double-check it the phone number already exist to avoid any customer's duplicates in your database.

  • Identification of a vehicle with the VIN:
    A new version of our vehicle identification is now available\

    This new version allows you to lookup for a VIN by inputting the VIN manually in the window or by using a barcode scanner connected to your computer.

    Please note that this new feature does NOT use your smartphone with the "Vehicle Barcode Scanner" app from the older versions.

  • Distribution Stox 2.0:
    Distribution Stox 2.0 website is now compatible with AB Magique!

    To use the functionality of cart transfer to AB Magique, you might have to communicate with your Distribution Stox representative so he or she can activate the functionality.

    We strongly suggest that you visit our "News" section of the website to read the instructions on how to activate and use this feature with Distribution Stox 2.0 site by clicking the following link.

  • About AB Magique -> Terms & Conditions:
    A button has been added in the "About AB Magique" section that allows you to read the latest terms & conditions of uses of the AB Magique software.

    Please note that everytime these terms & conditions will be updated, a new window will appear when opening the software where you will have to accept these termes to continue using the software.

  • WHI Nexpart integration:
    Version 4.58 of the Nexpart integration is now available in AB Magique!

    This integration now use a Chromium-based browser to insure the full compatibility of the Nexpart website integration. It won't be necessary to manually configure your browser in your software.

    This new version adds more features and fixes such as:
    - Access to the Virtual Inventory (VI) of your supplier (if they use this functionality)
    - Transfer and order out-of-stock parts (if your supplier allows it)
    - Transfer parts from more than one of your supplier's branches
    - Verify the origin and whether the order was made via color coding in your customers' estimates
    - Access to the Multi-Seller functionality that allows you to lookup parts and labor for all of your suppliers at the same time using a single user account.

    We suggest your to listen to our instruction video HERE.

  • Email -> OAuth2 Microsoft:
    The email module is now compatible with Microsoft's modern authentication (OAuth 2.0).

    All users using a Microsoft-based email (Hotmail/Live/Outlook or any Exchange Online / MS 365 email) can now use this feature to send email to their customers in a more secure way and with less risk of emails being bounced back.

  • Supplier's history -> New report:
    A new report has been added in the supplier's history window. This report allows you to print the This report allows you to print the purchase summary of all line codes.

  • Oil change sticker:
    Is is now possible to printer oil change stickers with the software !

    To do so, you have to click on the keytag sticker button on the estimate. A new menu will appear where you'll be able to select the option to printer the oil change sticker.

    You'll be able to insert a logo. We suggest to select a logo with clear colors in this case (it will be printed in black and white).

    You'll be able to indicate in how many kilometers (or miles) the oil change is du, the date for the service, followed by the oil type and its grade.

    Please note that only the Brother QL printers with 62mm wide film labels are compatible.

    We strongly suggest the following film labels for your printer:

    - DK-2113 : Transparent film label
    - DK-2212 : White film label
    - DK-2606 : Yellow film label

    These film labels do not tear apart, are very resistant and are ideal fot the oil sticker to put on windshields.

    N.B. : Only Brother QL printers are compatible for these stickers. We can't guarantee nor do we support other printers or papers type.

  • Customer file - Info sharing authorization :
    A new checkbox has been added in customer's file to indicate if said customer authorizes the sharing of his/her personal information with other business.

    By default, this box is checked. However, if a customer refuses to share his/her personal information (in accordance with current laws), you will have the responsibility to uncheck it. in this case, it will not be possible to use certain functionalities where the customer's personal information is needed (E.g.: AutoServe1, MechanicNet, etc.)

  • Customer file - Sending personal information:
    A button has been added to the customer file that allows you to send them all personal information to their email address. This has been added to allow you to respect your commitments to certain federal or provincial laws requiring the portability of personal information.

    Personal information is considered data that allows the direct or indirect identification of a person such as name, address, city, postal code, phone number, email, vehicles' list and invoices' details.


  • End of Windows 7 / 8.1 support:
    With the evolution of operating systems and security, it is possible that some features may stop working properly.

    We have made the decision to cease support of AB Magique on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

    You software will continue to work but some features might not be working properly, if not at all.

  • Removal of the Nexpart direct link:
    With the introduction of version 4.58 of Nexpart, we had to remove the direct link functionality with Nexpart.

    WHI Nexpart announced they would be decomissioning the webservice that allowed us to verify your prices in real time (OrderLink).

    Consequently, any price verification and order taking must now be done via the website integration by re-transferring the parts back to your estimates.

    Please note that this is not the responsibility of VL Communications, nor of your parts store, but the decision of WHI Solutions wanting to facilitate the operation of their most recent Nexpart Webservices.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
    Yours sincerely,

    The VL Communications team