Press release - 2017

Laval, March 29th, 2017.

VL Communications constantly innovates and develops ever more efficient tools for all of its customers. The company is pleased to make available through AB Magique shop management software, two spectacular new features including a brand new SMS module and another one for e-commerce between the shop and STOX Tire Distribution site.

The SMS module allows the workshop to send texte messages in seconds to notify the customer that his vehicle is ready. This function greatly reduces the waiting time spent on the phone and is very effective to reach the customer in a click!

The new e-commerce link between AB Magique and STOX allows users to log in online with the group, search for and select the right tires for the vehicle(s), and then import the descriptions and prices directly to the current estimate, then place the order. All this in seconds, with precision and good prices.

STOX Tire Distribution was created following the merger of four major players: RT Distribution, Distribu-Pneus, DSP Distribution And Unimax. It has become the largest tire distribution company in Quebec and has currently over 3,500 customers, including mechanical shops, tire centers and car dealerships.

AB Magique has thousands of customers across Canada, from Yukon to Nunavut, to Halifax! This software is available in both official languages, from coast to coast.

These new features can be found at no cost in the 2017.011 version and over of the software to be downloaded from or call 1-800-268-4044 to get your free demo version. AB Magique is an "all-in-one" software and the only one to offer MDI (Multiple Document Interface).

Karole Lauzier
V.L. Communications
(450)963-8940 ext 101